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Meesage To The Bar Owner

A lady guest approaches the bar in a small Restaurant.

She calls the guy sitting at the bar then she asks him in a very seductive way to come closer. Then she bends over the desk and starts to caress his beard. ‘Are you the owner of this Bar?’ she asks and touches tenderly his cheek.

‘Ehhh. No. Not at all!‘ man replies.
‘Would you please call the owner here?‘ the women asks and gently touches his hair.
‘Oh, I’m very sorry. But this is not possible right now‘ the man sighs.
‘Would you then please do me a favor?’ the lady follows gently the line of his lips.
‘Of course. What ever you say!‘ the man moans.
‘I want to leave a message for the owner!‘ she says and let first 1 then 2 fingers slip into his mouth which man gently sucks on.

‘What message you want to give him?‘ he asks with the two fingers in his mouth.

‘Please tell him that there is no paper, nor soap, nor towel in the lady’s toilet room!‘